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Top Quality Software at the Lowest Possible Price! zv mv

From: Florence Sanders
Subject: Top Quality Software at the Lowest Possible Price! zv mv
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 04 08:30:31 GMT

Microsoft Windows XP
Professional 2002

inventory cookbook$50
Retail price: $270.99
idempotent Our Price: $50
You Save: $220
sobriquet constance

Photoshop 7.0

dapper mauricio$60
Retail price: $609.99
chateaux Our Price: $60
You Save: $550
sluice counterflow

Microsoft Office XP
Professional 2002

bauble elysee$100
Retail price: $579.99
allegory Our Price: $100
You Save: $480
azimuthal constrictor

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

tiresome crown$50
Retail price: $266.99
detract Our Price: $50
You Save: $216.99
canst indulge

Adobe Pagemaker 7.0

afire secretary$60
Retail price: $404.99
avesta Our Price: $60
You Save: $445
bragg stumpy

Adobe Illustrator 10

alcohol shareown$80
Retail price: $270.99
warmonger Our Price: $80
You Save: $190

reactionary referendum

necromantic telepathic trough hallmark qatar rankin humpback
despoil cady donnybrook char coquette debrief abigail

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