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2 Weeks to Bioinformatics 2004 - Industry Impact and Outlook

From: Lorraine Lescure
Subject: 2 Weeks to Bioinformatics 2004 - Industry Impact and Outlook
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 10:55:53 +0100

 Bioinformatics 2004 - Industry Impact and Outlook
      A Visiongain b2b Conferences Event
26th & 27th May 2004, Marriott Kensington, London

***There are only two weeks left to secure your place
at this event***

NB; A text agenda is featured below; for a PDF
brochure, please email

This event will provide a detailed overview of the
sector, in the form of case studies and
* Pharmaceutical executives will find the best ways to
integrate and/or outsource their bioinformatic
* IT and service providers will discover the exact
demands of the market and be able to tailor their
services to suit.
* AND; perhaps most importantly, this event will
provide an ideal opportunity for networking and
building partnerships.
* * * Don't be left behind; attend Bioinformatics 2004
and stay informed!

***Latest Confirmed Speaker: Dr Stephen Dobson,
Pharmacogenomics Informatics Scientist, Pfizer***

Key themes will include:
In depth analysis and strategies to improve
Tactics for knowledge management and evolution of
innovative informatic solutions
Finding the best ways to handle e-clinical data and
upcoming opportunities in this market
Data analysis and integration: pointers on data
mining, in silico research and use of informatic tools
Case studies of informatic systems: learn from leaders
in the industry
Current market and outlook: genomics, proteomics and

Industry Leading speakers confirmed at this event:
* Dr. Mark Swindells, Chief Scientific Officer,
* Dr. Charlie Hodgman, Chair of Bioinformatics, Uni.
Nottingham & Midlands Centre for Integrative Biology &
Senior Informatics Leader, GSK
* Dr Luca Casareto, Director Bioinformatic Solutions,
Invitrogen Bioinformatics (Informax)
* Robin Clark, Managing Consultant, IBM Business
Consulting Services
* Dr. Krister Kristianson, Director of Clinical
Research, Merck
* Hani Kamel, Quality and Security Advisor, Novo
* Dr. Richard Scott, Director of Technology
Development, De Novo Pharmaceuticals
* Kevin Wandryk, VP Marketing & Business Development,
Silicon Genetics
* Dr. Ulrich Meier, Industry Marketing Manager Life
Sciences, Sun Microsystems
* Dr. Kal Ramnarayan, Vice President and CSO, Cengent
* Thure Etzold, Senior VP Bioinformatics, LION
* David Lovell, Reader in Medical Statistics,
University of Surrey & Associate Director, European
*Head of Statistical Support to Clinical Pharmacology,

Who Should attend? (by job title)
Global Head, Informatics & Knowledge Management
Director of Medical Informatics
Director of Discovery Research Informatics
Head of Advanced Computing
Head of Global IT Management
Head/ Director of Bioinformatics
Head of Datamining and Visualisation
Senior Informatics Leader
Head of Life Science Informatics
Senior Scientist, Genomic Collaborations
European Applications Specialist
Director, Discovery Bioinformatics
European Manager, Statistics & Information Science
Director, IT Discovery Pharmaceuticals
Director, Global Information Solutions
Head of Informatics

Please find below the conference agenda. To book your
place at 
Bioinformatics 2004 simply give me a quick ring or
email me 
stating whether you require a single place or a group

Attend the:
** Conf. + pre conf. workshop GBP 1600.00 Plus VAT 
** Conference only Fee: GBP1299.00 Plus VAT
** Pre conference workshop only Fee: GBP 650.00 Plus

Booking is easy, simply contact Lorraine on:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8767 6711
Fax: +44 (0)20 8767 5001
Terms and conditions apply - see below.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lorraine Lescure
Account Manager 
Visiongain b2b Conferences 
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8767 6711 

Sponsorship Opportunities
This event will provide unrivalled opportunities to
promote your brand to an audience of senior level
delegates. Decision makers from all aspects of the
Bioinformatics industry will be in attendance, what
better way to elevate your product? We are continually
recognised for providing innovative and effective
means to support your marketing requirements through
sponsorship and exhibitions at our leading events. 
Options include:
Full Conference Sponsorship 
Exhibition Stand/Booth 
Promotional Inserts 
Delegate Bag Sponsor
Cocktail Reception Sponsor 
Whatever your budget, whatever your requirements we
can find you a way to place your brand at
Bioinformatics 2004.


Pre-Conference Interactive Workshop
Successful Licensing and Business Development
Tuesday 25th May 2004

Workshop Leaders: Mrs. Sharon Finch and Prof. Bill
Dawson, Medius Associates

Topics Under discussion:
Logistics and planning the due diligence process
Scientific and regulatory due diligence
Intellectual property rights, legal and corporate due
Commercial and financial issues
Logistics- planning and negotiation
Understanding the third party
Team roles and negotiation styles
Negotiation tactics

DAY 1 Wednesday 26th May 2004

Conference Chairman
David Lovell
Reader in Medical Statistic
University of Surrey

9:00 Registration and coffee

9:30 Opening remarks from the Chair


9:40 How to Transform Data into Commercially Valuable
* Overcoming challenges faced by the pharmaceutical
* Key organisational strategies: meeting the needs of
pharmaceutical vs biotech
* What is the optimal structure for informatics in
* How to use informatic services to facilitate drug
discovery and
* A guide to transforming sequence data into validated
drug targets
Dr. Mark Swindells
Chief Scientific Officer

10:20 Aiding Business Strategy: An Information-Flow
* Model: structured map of pharmaceutical information,
issues faced
* Strategies for reducing costs through portfolio
management and
* Proposals for using information mechanisms for
* Model for biotech:
- where a novel technology might impact upon and
improve the
R&D process
- where can service/ information providers position
themselves for
maximum benefit
* Key thinking for business development
Dr. Charlie Hodgman
Chair of Bioinformatics
Uni. Nottingham and Directorship of the Midlands
for Integrative Biology

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 Pointers for Choosing the Best Partnership for
* Licensing out products following pre-clinical
* How to identifying the correct product to license in
* Gaining or giving access to technologies, which will
be the best for
* Recommendations on which route to take: comparison
of different
Panel Discussion and Questions


12:00 Procedures in Driving Data Workflow Integration
Effective Information Management
* How to alleviate the bottlenecks in the life science
- better investment in tools and applications
* Can better integration techniques ease the burden of
faster processes?
* Large bioinformatic systems versus integrated
discrete solutions
* Informax bioinformatics solutions for workflow
optimisation and
pipeline integration
Dr Luca Casareto
Bioinformatic Solutions
Invitrogen Bioinformatics (Informax)

12:40 Lunch


14:00 In silico Research: Bridging the gap between
Drug Discovery and Development
* How to use in silico tools for rational chemical
* Advantages of in silico drug discovery 
* Potential enhancement of the overall R&D
* Challenges of in silico biology technology for
* The future of simulation - Systems Biology?
Dr. Richard Scott
Director of Technology Development
De Novo Pharmaceuticals

14:40 Informatics Software Market: Breaking
Constraints and
Handling Competition
* Area sectors: specialising in software packages for
interpreting and analysing data
* How to overcome constraints of this niche market
- limited number of customers
- diverse informatic needs of clients
* How to handle direct competition
- free or publicly available software and tools
- direct competition from academic institutions
- small startups v large companies
Kevin Wandryk
VP Marketing & Business Development
Silicon Genetics

15:20 Afternoon Tea


15:40 Strategies for Reducing the Time and Cost of
Running Trials,
whilst increasing the Quality of Data
* Difficulties faced in drug development
* Turning challenges to opportunities
* How to simplify and automate trial processes, for
- by transforming trial management
- taking EDC to the next level
- implementing an efficient archival strategy
* A holistic approach to clinical data
Robin Clark
Managing Consultant
IBM Business Consulting Services

16:20 Questions and Discussion

16:40 Close of Day One

DAY 2 Thursday 27th May 2004

Conference Chairman
David Lovell
Reader in Medical Statistic
University of Surrey

9:00 Registration and Coffee

9:30 Opening remarks from the chair

9:40 Electronic Medical Records or e-source: how to
cut your
monitoring cost in half by no more SDV, no more data
no missed data
* EMR's - a challenge to the conduct of clinical
* How to deal with its rapid entry into the hospital
and medical
* Increased complications in the access to the source:
security and
privacy of the hospital system
* How to use opportunities in the market
Dr. Krister Kristianson
Director of Clinical Research

10:20 Data Standards and the FDA: Overcoming the
Associated with E-Clinical Trials
* Evaluating FDA acceptance of new technologies in
clinical trials
* Implementation of e-signatures
* Reconciliation with HL7 standards
* Using clinical data interchange standards for the
development of
e-clinical trials
Charles Jaffe
Director of Medical Informatics

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 Key Tactics to Enhance Global Data Security
* Meeting universal requirements: what regulatory
problems could
* Overcoming the scientific problems that can arise
from poor
* Recommendations for enabling global security to fit
into the clinical environment
* Proposals to ensure clinical data security over the
Hani Kamel
Quality and Security Advisor
Novo Nordisk


12:00 CASE STUDY: Grid Computing and its Impact on
* Grid computing solutions- tackles complex computer
tasks quickly and cost-effectively
* Three basic deployment types: cluster grids,
enterprise grids, and
global grids
* What benefits do grids delivery that traditional
computing models
are not able to?
* Sun's bio-grid strategy
* Sun infrastructure solutions: transforming
technology into business
* Deploying grid computing for a competitive advantage
Dr. Ulrich Meier
Industry Marketing Manager
Life Sciences
Sun Microsystems

12:40 Lunch

14:00 CASE STUDY: Accelerating Your Drug Discovery
with Genes
to Leads
* How can genes to leads deliver selective hits in as
little as 60
* Key differentiators from alternative drug discovery
* Features and benefits of proprietary technology
* Success in discovering potent small-molecule leads
for anthrax
infection and PTP1B
* Genes to Leads success summary
Dr. Kal Ramnarayan
Vice President and CSO
Cengent Therapeutics

14:40 CASE STUDY: SRS Gateway for Oracle, Reducing the
Challenges for the Life Science Industry
* SRS and the oracle database
* What are the benefits of combining the power of two
* Experience of SRS collaborations, the SRS evolution
* The drive for drug discovery, a working progress
Thure Etzold
Senior VP Bioinformatics
LION Bioscience

15:20 Afternoon Tea


15:40 Managing Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
of Data
from Functional Proteomics
* Data from functional proteomics: how to effectively
and efficiently
manage it
* Statistical input into the design, analysis and
interpretation of
functional proteomic studies
* Achieving synergy between bioinformatics and
* Linking analysis of pharmacogenomic data into drug
discovery and
David Lovell
Reader in Medical Statistics
University of Surrey

16:20 Pharmacogenomics in drug development
Impact of pharmacogenomics on the cost of drug
development and clinical trials
Potential value of pharmacogenomics in clinical trials
Incorporating pharmacogenomics into clinical trials:
is it possible?
Opportunities present
The challenge of sample collection and data delivery.

Dr Stephen Dobson 
Pharmacogenomics Informatics Scientist 

17:00 Questions and Discussion

17:20 Chairman Summation

17:30 Close of Conference

Visiongain/B2B Conferences produce a range of timely
business information material, if you wish to receive
information of new products, simply reply to this
email with ' New Products info' in the subject box

Terms & Conditions
NB - Due to high demand, we do not 'reserve' or 'hold'
places - a request for an invoice to be raised will be
treated as an official booking and will be subject to
the cancellation policy as outlined below.
Cancellations/substitutions and name changes: All
bookings carry a 50% liability after the booking has
been made, by post fax, email or web. There will be no
refunds for cancellations received on or after one
month before the start of the conference (e.g.
cancellation on or after 20th January for a conference
starting on 20th February). If you decide to cancel
after this date the full invoice remains payable.
Conference notes, which are available on the day, will
be sent to you. Unfortunately we are not able to
transfer places between conferences and executive
briefings. However if you are unable to attend the
event you may make a substitution/name change at any
time as long as we are informed in writing by e-mail,
fax or post. Name changes and substitutions must be
from the same company and are not transferable between
companies or countries.

Indemnity: visiongain Ltd reserve the right to change
the conference/executive briefing content, timing,
speakers or venue without notice. The event may be
postponed or cancelled due to acts of terrorism, war,
extreme weather conditions, industrial action, acts of
God or any event beyond the control of visiongain Ltd.
If such a situation arises we will endeavour to
reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot
be held responsible for any cost, damage or expenses,
which may be incurred by the customer as a consequence
of the event being postponed or cancelled. We
therefore strongly advise all customers to take out
insurance to cover the cost of the registration,
travel and expenses.
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