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From: Donny Phillips
Subject: GNU/HURD
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 13:18:41 -0500
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Hello Philip and other  GNU/HURD Folk

 I just cut some K5 cd's.  Thank you for making them available Philip ! ;->

    I have been browsing around looking for up to date info on the K5 cd set. I have burned the cd's and tested them. Now I am waiting to get a new machine to play on. My last set to install and play with was the J4. I saw in one place that the GNU/MACH could handle >= 10gig file partitioon.

The latest release of GNU Mach is version 1.3, 2002-05-28. It features:

  • Bug fixes.
  • The kernel now directly supports "boot scripts" in the form of multiboot module names with the same syntax as the Hurd's serverboot program. That is, instead of telling GRUB module /boot/serverboot, you can give GRUB a series of commands like module /hurd/ext2fs ${...} where the syntax after module is the same as in boot scripts for Hurd's serverboot.
  • The kernel message device kmsg is now enabled by default. --disable-kmsg turns it off.
  • Large disks (>= 10GB) are now correctly supported, the new get_status call DEV_GET_RECORDS can return the number of records of a device.
  • Lots of tweaks have been done to the virtual memory management to make it perform better on today's machines.
  • The console supports ANSI escape sequences for colors and attributes.
  • Support for the terminal speeds B57600 and B115200 has been added.

However on the Debian site I see

Hurd Partitions

The GNU/Hurd does not support partition sizes greater than about 2 Gb. However, several partitions can be created during the installation process. The Hurd also uses extensions to the ext2 file system, the call is "mke2fs -o hurd /dev/*". The installation CDs use this when creating Hurd partitions.

Which is what I was used too from times past. Can you clarify this please ?



Hello to all GNU/HURD developers. I have been out of the loop for a long time since my move between the UK -> Norway and back to Houston. I now will get to start messing about with the HURD again.

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