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Re: help

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: help
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 16:54:57 +0200

   When booting, my Hurd hangs up with message:

Are you building your own system?  Why not use Debian GNU/Hurd?

   Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs.static[device:hd2s1]
     execext2fs.static: ../../hurd/libdiskfs/boot-start.c:278:
     diskfs_execboot_fsys_startup: Unexpected error:
     No such file or directory

Yes, the node /server/exec must exist for anything to work.  Including
some other bits, look at a working system to see what is needed and
how it works.

   This GNU Hurd is from cvs (20040521), crosscompiled (gcc-2.95.3,
   glibc-2.2.3, gnumach-1.3)

Sorry, don't belive you did use gcc 2.95.3, or glibc 2.2.3 to compile
the Hurd from CVS (2004-05-21).  Since for one, we use features from
libc, that only exist in CVS.

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