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Pain Management 2004 - Analysing Regulatory, Commercial & Pharmaceutica

From: Lorraine Lescure
Subject: Pain Management 2004 - Analysing Regulatory, Commercial & Pharmaceutical Practices
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 16:38:48 +0100

PAIN MANAGEMENT 2004 - Analysing Regulatory, Commercial & Pharmaceutical 
8th and 9th September 2004 (Workshop 7th September 2004)
Marriott Kensington Hotel, London

please email for a PDF brochure.

Visiongain b2b Conferences is pleased to announce that 'Pain Management 2004 - 
Analysing Regulatory, Commercial & Pharmaceutical Practices ' will be run in 
early September this year. This event will follow up on the success of 'Future 
Pain Drugs 2003' but as a case-study based event will focus more on future 
targets and market development. The agenda is now complete, a list of confirmed 
speakers and topics can be found below. 


- Identify Key Market Segments and Profit From Emerging Trends in Pain 
- Clinical Models for Pain- Learn Which Will Suit Your Company Needs
- Discover How Drug Delivery Systems will Shape the Future of Pain 
Therapeutics, Highlighting Lucrative Market Opportunities
- Learn From the Best Practice Case Studies such as: Actiq- SPM 927- GPI 5693- 
Imitrax- Tramadol - Buprenorphine- Sativex
- Examine the Key Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Development of Novel Pain 
- Assess the Advances in Cannabis Based Medicines- R&D and Delivery Technologies
- Advice on Scheduling of Centrally Acting Analgesics


**Dr. Peter McIntyre, Lab Head/ Head of Exploratory Pain Projects, Novartis
**Dr. Sharon Bingham, Somatic Pain - Pain Research, Neurology CEDD, 
**Gary Liversidge, Senior Director, Project Planning and Management, Elan
**Praveen Anand, Professor Clinical Neurology, Imperial College
**Dr. Stuart Bevan, Director, Novartis Institute for Medical Research
**Dr. Jeffry Vaught, Senior Vice President & President, R&D Division, Cephalon
**Dr. Christine Rauschkolb, Program Director/ Medical Scientist Pain, Schwarz 
**Paul Strijbos, Neurology and Drug Discovery, GlaxoSmithKline
**Dr Mike Reed, Director Branded Product Marketing International, Alpharma
**Dr. Krystyna Wozniak, Lead Scientist on NAALADase program, Guilford 
Pharmaceuticals Inc
**Dr. Stephen Wright, Director of R&D, GW Pharma Ltd
**Dr. Francesco Impagnatiello, Pharmacologist- Pain Research, NicOx


-Medical Director
-Divisional VP, Neurological & Urological
-Pain, Migraine Research
-Divisional VP, Immunosciences Development
-Inflammatory Therapeutics
-Respiratory RA Disease Group
-Head of clinical development/ VP clinical development
-Head of clinical research, CNS
-Head of R&D (Pain/CNS/Depression)
-CNS clinical project management
-Head of CNS therapeutics
-Chief Technical Officer
-Director, Preclinical R&D
-Vice President, Research
-Vice President, Research and Development

This event will provide unrivalled opportunities to promote your brand to an 
audience of senior level delegates. Decision makers from all aspects of the 
messaging & media markets will be in attendance, what better way to elevate 
your product? We are continually recognised for providing innovative and 
effective means to support your marketing requirements through sponsorship and 
exhibitions at our leading events. Options include: 

*Full Conference Sponsorship 
*Exhibition Stands & Booths 
*Cocktail Reception Sponsorship 
*Promotional Inserts in Delegate Folders 
*Conference Bag Sponsorship 

Whatever your budget, whatever your requirements we can find you a way to place 
your brand at Developments, Outlook and Markets for Pain 2004.  

If you would like further information on how you can become involved in this 
event then please do not hesitate to get in touch with:

Lorraine Lescure
Account Manager - Conference Division
Visiongain B2B Conferences
Tel. +44(0)20 8767 6711
Fax. +44(0)20 8767 5001

B2B Conferences is part of the Visiongain Group


Places at this event are limited, please call or email me now to secure your 

Attend the:
** Conf. + pre conf. workshop GBP 1600.00 Plus VAT 
** Conference only Fee: GBP 1299.00 Plus VAT
** Pre conference workshop only Fee: GBP 650.00 Plus VAT 

Booking is easy, simply contact Lorraine Lescure on:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8767 6711
Fax: +44 (0)20 8767 5001
Terms and conditions apply - see below.


LifeSpan Biosciences: The Pathology of Pain 
Led by: Dr. Julian Beesley, VP European Sales & Business Development, LifeSpan 
Biosciences, Inc

-Molecular pathology approach and studies at LifeSpan 
-Industrialization of the molecular pathology process
-Drug targets, selection of targets and receptor localisation 
-Automated Lifespan Imaging and Analysis System (ALIAS)

Day One Wednesday 8 th September 2004

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the Chair


09:40 Developments in Pain Therapy- Ventures for Your

* Molecular targets in pain research- past, present and future
* Research methodologies- how can you implement them?
* Research tools and how best to use them
* Balancing risk in the research portfolio - gain positive results 
  for your company
* Outlook: new targets for pain relief ligands and the future for
  pain therapies in the clinic

Dr. Peter McIntyre
Lab Head/ Head of Exploratory Pain Projects

10:20 Human Pain Models- How Can You Maximise Their Use?
* Limitations of current animal models- find how they relate to
  human data
* Clinical needs- pathophysiological and imaging surrogates
* Lessons to learn from failed clinical trials- gain knowledge on
  avoiding and overcoming similar problems
* How to increase the success of Phase II clinical trials
* Target validation: novel pain targets in human chronic states
* How to select patients for successful POC clinical trials
* New models for assessing pain- examples and how to
  implement them

Praveen Anand
Professor Clinical Neurology
Imperial College

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 How to Use Nitric Oxide (NO) Properties to Achieve Effective Therapeutics

* NO-releasing analgesics: a novel class of drugs for the treatment of pain
* The contribution of NO-releasing moiety to commonly-used analgesics: 
rationale and potential added values
* Case studies: NO-releasing paracetamol/NO-releasing gabapentin
* Potential mechanisms of action of NO in pain/inflammation

Dr. Francesco Impagnatiello
Pharmacologist- Pain Research

12:00 Find New Targets and Pointers to Validate them
* Pain signalling pathways- where can you find new targets?
* Pharmacological mechanisms of pain
* Pain platforms- detailing the molecular basis
* Target validation- strategies for success
* Target identification vs target validation
* Target treatment- is there a need and future ventures for your

Dr. Ray Scraggs
Pharmaceutical Consultant
visiongain Consultancy

12:40 Lunch

14:00 Using Animals- How to make them Disease Relevant
Pain Models?

* Classical versus novel approaches to pain models- what will
  suit your needs?
* Changing views on behavioural versus functional endpoints
* How you can validate a model- pointers
* Difficulties in assessing pain in animals- how effective are
  these models and how to improve them
* Screening putative analgesics
* How to use animal models for causes of pain

Dr. Sharon Bingham
Somatic Pain - Pain Research
Neurology CEDD

14:40 The Role of Vanilloid Receptors in Nociception
* Expression of vanilloid receptors
  - how to demonstrate the existence of specific vanilloid
* Molecular and functional characterisation of cloned VR1
* VR1 as a pivotal transducer
* Comparison of VR1 and native receptors- what advantaged
  can you make use of?

Dr. Stuart Bevan
Novartis Institute for Medical Research

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 Advice on Scheduling of centrally acting analgesics
* The rationale of scheduling- how and why?
* International and national conventions and laws- what to
  foresee as a result
* Development and registration of controlled drugs
* Marketing of controlled drugs- recommendations
* Case Studies: Tramadol and buprenorphine

Dr. Franz Philipp Gerstheimer
Corporate Medical and Scientific Services
Grunenthal GmbH


16:20 CASE STUDY: Actiq, the only FDA Approved Drug for
Breakthrough Cancer Pain
* Temporal characteristics of persistence and breakthrough pain
* Actiq's novel oral transmucosal system- how does it work?
* Parmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral transmucosal
  fentanyl delivery
* What are the benefits of oral transmucosal delivery?
* Onset of action and duration of effect
* Side effects and how you can overcome them

Dr. Jeffry Vaught
Senior Vice President & President, R&D Division

17:00 Questions and Discussion

17:20 Summation of day one from conference chair

Day Two Thursday 9 th September 2004 

09:00 Registration and Coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the Chair


09:40 CASE STUDY: Pharmacology of SPM 927 and its
Relevance to Clinical Practice
* Basic pharmacology of SPM 927
* Efficacy of SPM 927 in an animal model for diabetic
* Pharmacological profiling in further animal models for chronic
  pain- what can you impliment in practice?
* This anti-convulsant drug's mechanism of action

Dr. Bettina Beyreuther
Senior Scientist Pharmacology- Preclinical Development
Schwarz BioSciences

10:20 CASE STUDY: SPM 927 - A Novel Promising Pain Treatment
* Human pharmacology of SPM 927
* 'First in patient' evaluation- where can improvements be made?
* Efficacy and tolerability in diabetic neuropathy
* Efficacy in other indications

Dr. Christine Rauschkolb
Program Director/ Medical Scientist Pain- Clinical Development
Schwarz BioSciences

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 NAALADase Inhibition, a Novel Pathway for Attenuating
Neuropathic Pain
* Overview: developments within the Pfizer collaboration
* GPI 5693 phase I results
* Target validation (efficacy in animal models and indications)
* Intellectual property
* NAALADase/PSMA Inhibitors and Prostate Cancer

Dr. Krystyna Wozniak
Lead Scientist on NAALADase program
Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc


12:00 CASE STUDY: The Success of Anti-Migraine Drug Imitrex
* Selective 5-HT1 receptor agonists- how do they work?
* First triptan for treating migraine pain- how it has become the
  market leader
* Injectable, oral or nasal spray form?
* Contraindications

Paul Strijbos
Neurology and Drug Discovery

12:40 Lunch


14:00 CASE STUDY: The NanoCrystal Technology Approach
* How to overcome solubility issues for pain therapeutics
* Technology performance advantages
* Can it be used as a life cycle management tool?
* A commercialised, validated solution

Gary Liversidge
Senior Director, Project Planning and Management

14:40 CASE STUDY: Peptrans, a Novel Approach to Brain
* The BBB and drug delivery in the CNS
* Pep:trans mechanism of action
* Delivery of analgesics- an effective solution?
* Potential within the market- where can you capture a share of
  the market?

Jamal Temsamani
Director, Preclinical R&D

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 Cannabis Based Medicines- How to Optimise Pain
* Clinical indication and pain management with cannabinoids
* GW cultivation license, possession and supply for medical
* R&D clinical trials- quality, safety, efficacy and phase I-III trials
* Drug delivery technologies- oro mucosal sprays, oral
  formulations and inhalers
* Limitations of cannabinoid therapies- where can you fail?
* Case study: update on Sativex

Dr. Stephen Wright
Director of R&D
GW Pharma Ltd

16:20 Regulatory Limitations- Use and Distribution of Narcotic
* Medical narcotics, the potential for misuse
* The prevention of drug abuse- new methods and control
* National drug policies- updates and how to enforce them
* Control of substances- how it limits availability for
  legitimate use

Dr. Mike Reed
Director Branded Product Marketing International

17:00 Generics: Identifying and Overcoming the Legal and
Regulatory Challenges of the Future
* The latest developments affecting the generic drug sector and
  pharmaceutical legislation
* Important legal issues- current scientific initiatives
* Potential solutions to current challenges
* Key regulatory issues in Europe

Mr. Horst Kastrup
VP Worldwide Regulatory Affairs

17:40 Questions and Discussion

18:00 Chairman summation

18:10 Close of Conference

Terms & Conditions
NB - Due to high demand, we do not 'reserve' or 'hold' places - a request for 
an invoice to be raised will be treated as an official booking and will be 
subject to the cancellation policy as outlined below.
Cancellations/substitutions and name changes: All bookings carry a 50% 
liability after the booking has been made, by post fax, email or web. There 
will be no refunds for cancellations received on or after one month before the 
start of the conference (e.g. cancellation on or after 20th January for a 
conference starting on 20th February). If you decide to cancel after this date 
the full invoice remains payable. Conference notes, which are available on the 
day, will be sent to you. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer places 
between conferences and executive briefings. However if you are unable to 
attend the event you may make a substitution/name change at any time as long as 
we are informed in writing by e-mail, fax or post. Name changes and 
substitutions must be from the same company and are not transferable between 
companies or countries.

Indemnity: visiongain Ltd reserve the right to change the conference/executive 
briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without notice. The event may be 
postponed or cancelled due to acts of terrorism, war, extreme weather 
conditions, industrial action, acts of God or any event beyond the control of 
visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises we will endeavour to reschedule the 
event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held responsible for any cost, damage 
or expenses, which may be incurred by the customer as a consequence of the 
event being postponed or cancelled. We therefore strongly advise all customers 
to take out insurance to cover the cost of the registration, travel and 

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you on visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax or email, 
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