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What Do They Know About You?

From: info
Subject: What Do They Know About You?
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:04:43 +0000

Want to discover what the FBI has on file about you?
You might think they have nothing -- then again, you could be wrong.
There is only one way to find out for sure...ask! In this report,
you will discover not only how to obtain your files and where to send
for them,
but you will also discover some of the codes and acronyms used in FBI files.
Without these codes and acronyms, deciphering your FBI files could prove
if not impossible. IMPORTANT: Keep this information, as you will need it
when you receive your files from the FBI.
In addition, there is an explanation of:

* The Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIPA)
* How the FBI deals with FOIPA requests
* What circumstances the FBI can refuse to release certain
information to you, and
* An explanation of how to send an appeal letter if your request is

But first, before we tackle how to request your files,
there is a section on how the FBI organizes and maintains their files.
There is also discussion on the types of information found in their
filing system
as well as the classification codes the FBI uses.
The FBI has established a large presence on the World Wide Web,
and they have posted some documents there for your reading pleasure -
-including information on the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico over 50
years ago,
as well as information on gangsters and America's Most Wanted.
See if your mysterious neighbor is this years new Al Capone!
The main FBI site promises to publish other documents in their
electronic reading room in the future.
We may assume that, perhaps, some day we will be able to access our own
files electronically.
Finally, in keeping with the current electronic nature of the Internet
and gaining information off the 'Net,
there is a listing of not only the FBI Field Offices which have
homepages on the Web,
but also a section on other FBI-related Web sites you may be interested
in exploring.

For futher information, visit our site.

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