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Get them online discreet adl DVDs

From: Greta
Subject: Get them online discreet adl DVDs
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 05:35:48 -0800


Hi i'm a young 18 years old latina lady and I love my triple X DVDs.

I'm like a virgin flower ... mysterious, beautiful and seeking for a new sun to come up every day and shine on me, revealing my wild side.

Do you think you can be my sun, rising up in the sky to warm my beautiful body?

Can you smell the perfume that comes from me, attracting you in a strong way.

This is my favorite site for "add" DVDs in general. Why don't you check it out with me?

Hit this link to see them all

P.S. I also have a webcam.

If you don't wanna get my contacts anymore you can click here

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