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problem running binaries

From: Jayesh Salvi
Subject: problem running binaries
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 09:30:36 -0600



I am running GNU Mach 1.3, Hurd 0.3.


I see many binary executables in /usr/bin/ directory. Many of those commands execute nicely – mount, settrans, etc. I see ‘make’ executable in /usr/bin directory, but I cannot run make.



-bash:/usr/bin/make: No such file or directory

#cd /usr/bin


-bash:./make: No such file or directory

#sh make

make: make: cannot execute binary file


I don’t understand why can’t I execute make? My shell is SHELL=/bin/bash.


Can anyone tell what might be the case?


Sorry if this sounds trivial shell problem. Thanks.





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