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Re: SV: /dev/kbd ..."not a device file..."

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: SV: /dev/kbd ..."not a device file..."
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 13:06:20 +0000
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sigbj-st <> writes:

> As to the further installation and running '' the message
> has been ......'unable to initialize frontend kde.........(also if
> chosing gnome) So I have some problems here, but I will try to
> reinstall and choose the other interface choices and see what
> eventually works before come back here.......
> The proposal below ....'console -d vga' - and so on - just returned a
> message that something was not done right on the command line. But I
> did exactly as written below. There is no /dev/cons in the /dev
> directory, none could be made by MAKEDEV and trying ' -c
> /dev/console/' instead of ' -c /dev/cons/' gave same return.

No need to create /dev/cons, the console client will do that.  Perhaps
the version you are using is quite old and does not have that switch.
Can you have a look at the output of `console --help' to make sure?

> Do not try to answer all this. Just read it with a cup of coffee
> -f.ex. Malabar AA (which is the best) or a nice British cup of
> tea. Also e German scnaps could do, but in the last instance be
> careful afterwards with your source code.  I will try to see what I
> manage to do. I will have to do several tries before I come back......

I've chosen the tea option.


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