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Re: Gnufans Wiki. (Was: Re: qemu booting of hurd/l4 how-to)

From: Joachim Nilsson
Subject: Re: Gnufans Wiki. (Was: Re: qemu booting of hurd/l4 how-to)
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 11:09:27 +0100

On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 19:48 +0200, Ognyan Kulev wrote:
> Joachim Nilsson wrote:
> > This week we will upgrade the server that runs,
> > from the old PII 266MHz 384MiB to a new Sempron based with 1GiB.
> > So the site will become a little bit easier to work with as well.
> Can we expect upgrade of the TWiki software too? :-P

... and that's the problem with technically savvy users. ;)

Seriously, an upgrade has been in the works since around the time the
server got h4x0r3d due to a bug in the Perl search script used in the
wiki.  I've  already upgraded one such old twiki to the latest release,
but the biggest problem with the Hurd wiki is the GnuSkin, which I'm
the author of.  It too needs upgrading before the wiki can be upgraded.

So, the short answer is that it's in progress but goes very slow.


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