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Tired of Pharma Emails?

From: Jerome Robertson
Subject: Tired of Pharma Emails?
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:39:07 -0200
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Yes, we all know Pharmacy mail sucks due to high and
astronomical prices.
Our Pr1ces are lowest in the industry, about 80 per cent
lower than other shops.

Get all the medication you need at incredible d1scounts.
Discreetly shipped Fast to your doorstep, all in privacy
saving you from embarrassment.

Choose it yourself and save big on Doctor visits and Retail prices, What condition are you seeking treatment for?

Anti Depressant
Muscle Relaxant
Men's Health
Pain Relief
Sexual Health

& many more,

ps: please feel free to forward this newsletter to your family
and friends, this may save someone's life

TIP: Do you know we sell Softtabs (L e v i t r a/C i a l i s)
which cost just 2$ per dose, compared to 18 to 20$ other pharmacy are selling?

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