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Re: hurd: gnubie doubts

From: Joe Steeve
Subject: Re: hurd: gnubie doubts
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 12:12:26 +0530
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I'm still a newbie at this., but i'll give a try :)

Shakthi Kannan <> writes:
> 1/ The Hurd servers run many tasks. Tasks communicate to the
> ports with messages, and hence a server can have multiple ports?

A Hurd server runs as a Mach task. All hurd servers run as mach

> 2/ Multiple tasks can send messages through a port (message
> queues), where the tasks have send rights for the port?

Yeah., the messaging is asynchronous.

> 3/ A single task alone has a receive right for a particular
> port?


> 4/ Where do translators come in the above picture?

Opening a file is basically getting a send right to a port. The
filesystem server would give access to a file through a port of
communication. In the case of translators, you dont get access to
a port owned by the filesystem., but the port owned by the
translator. Your program does not really know who it is talking
to., coz the protocol is the same. It does the regular file I/O
and the response is given by the translator which owns the recieve
right to that port.

.O. A proud GNU user

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