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Re: Some Hurdy pointers needed.

From: Pierre THIERRY
Subject: Re: Some Hurdy pointers needed.
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:34:43 +0200
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Scribit Marco Gerards dies 29/03/2005 hora 21:26:
> What would you have in mind?  Both XSLT and translators are
> interesting IMHO, but I don't see how to combine them.

I don't know it it was Michael's intention, but I see one: having
foo.html being a translator that outputs XSLT transformation from
foo.xml that is a docbook file, for example, could be very handy. WIth
good caching somewhere, it eliminates the burden of triggering a
Makefile after each modification, to see what you could get from it.

In the Web field, it could also be very interesting to fill up
directories with automatic alternatives, but they would only be
generated if really needed:

- foo.xml [original, docbook]
- foo.xml.gz
- foo.html
- foo.html.gz
- foo.pdf
- etc...

Such translators could even be proxy ones, and when killed, you would
access the plain files that were actually generated in the accessed

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