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Re: Some Hurdy pointers needed.

From: Michael Han
Subject: Re: Some Hurdy pointers needed.
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 09:50:37 -0600

> I don't know it it was Michael's intention, but I see one: having
> foo.html being a translator that outputs XSLT transformation from
> foo.xml that is a docbook file, for example, could be very handy.

I don't understand Hurd translators well enough to envision any more
details yet, but that's the rough idea. But as Marco mentioned, I'm
now sure how far we're stretching the idea of translator to do this. I
was thinking more from a user's point of view in using Hurd's unique

> In the Web field, it could also be very interesting to fill up
> directories with automatic alternatives, but they would only be
> generated if really needed:
> - foo.xml [original, docbook]
> - foo.xml.gz
> - foo.html
> - foo.html.gz
> - foo.pdf
> - etc...

With a right caching mechanism in place it'd be sweet. Although I have
yet to find THE STANDARD method of transforming using DocBook XML DTD,
I think we're getting there as a community.

Behold not the clay
 for it is only a short stay.
- Seong Wu

Michael (

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