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Removing PATH_MAX from struct{}?

From: Physicman
Subject: Removing PATH_MAX from struct{}?
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 16:37:36 +0200

Hello folks,

I'm trying to build jack-audio-connection-kit and I encounter two cases
of PATH_MAX inside struct{} and I was wondering if someone could have an
idea on how to remove them?

The two structures are the following:

typedef struct {
    int32_t    load;
    ClientType type;

    char name[JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE];
    char object_path[PATH_MAX+1];
    char object_data[1024];

} jack_client_connect_request_t;

typedef struct {

    int32_t     status;

    uint32_t    protocol_v;

    jack_shm_info_t client_shm;
    jack_shm_info_t engine_shm;

    char        fifo_prefix[PATH_MAX+1];

    int32_t     realtime;
    int32_t     realtime_priority;

    /* these two are valid only if the connect request
       was for type == ClientDriver. 

    jack_client_control_t *client_control; /* JOQ: 64/32 problem */
    jack_control_t        *engine_control; /* JOQ: 64/32 problem */

    /* specific resources for server/client real-time thread communication */
    int32_t     portnum;

} jack_client_connect_result_t;

Thanks for your help and suggestions :)

Best regards,


 ,''`.  Christopher `Physicman' Bodenstein <>
 : :' :  Physicman.Net     : 
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