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Healthy Spermatazoa

From: Hilda Kenny
Subject: Healthy Spermatazoa
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 23:30:48 -0400

"My girlfriend and me have been really enjoying making 
our own homemade erotic films. We get off on pretending 
to be like porn stars even though it will only ever be 
the two of us that see them. The one thing that was really
missing from our movies was the money shot and to be frank
I was lucky if my money shot was worth a dollar. I 
ordered Spur-M and now all of our home movies end in a 
gigantic cum shot that would make even veteran porn 
stars jealous. Thanks Spur-M for helping to spice up 
our sex life!" 
Anthony, KY

"Spur-M really works. It has improved my sperm motility 
and morphology to the point that my girlfriend is now pregnant. 
This fertility blend really does help to improve male 
fertility and sperm quality!"
Adam J., San Francisco, USA

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