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Re: newb troubles

From: blythe2
Subject: Re: newb troubles
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 01:02:11 -0400 (EDT)
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First, it sounds like you're trying to mix the ISO and the manual
instructions.  Personally, I found that the ISO's are out of date, and the
manual method is easy enough that it's well worth it to go that route.

Second, the kernel does not get unpacked.  It stays in the *.gz format. 
It will take care of itself when loading, but it should stay as gnumach.gz
(or whatever) inside /boot/.

Third, gnumach.gz should be inside /boot, not /boot/grub.

Fourth, when you reboot and try to mke2fs the partition... you would do
that if you were doing the manual install.  That's reformatting the
partition for use with hurd.

Fifth, I think you're confused about the whole formatting/mounting
procedure.  If you're doing a manual installation, you would (from Linux)
set up a partition for hurd, format it, mount it, unpack the file system
there, set up your *current* GRUB to have an extra option to boot into
hurd on the other partition.  Then you reboot, enter hurd in single user
mode, do some stuff... and so on.  It's not actually all that hard, and
seeing as I had problems (granted, some months ago) with the ISO's, I
opted for the manual method and hit it almost perfect first try.  I highly
recommend it.

To continue, I seem to recall that if you do an ISO install the
partitioning/installation gets done automatically.  But I can't say for

Hopefully that answered some questions.  I think the main problem is
you're mixing the ISO install method with the manual install method.

- Nate

> Hello all.  I am totally new to GNU/HURD.  I have hit a snag:
> I created a 2 gb partition on my GNU/Linux box for GNU/HURD (hda2)
> I downloaded, booted, and installed the mini iso.
> Upon reboot, I receive the GRUB selection screen.  When I pick GNU/HURD,
> it reboots back to the selection screen.
> Shouldn't the gnumach.gz be in /boot/grub?  It's not.  I thought the
> install cd would set the kernel up.  Should I unzip the kernel to
> /boot/grub?
> After rebooting, in the terminal I have:
> # mke2fs -b 4096 -o hurd /dev/hda2
> When I # mount -t ext2 /dev/hda2 /gnu it tells me that directory does
> not exist.  I did not see in the directions to create /dev/hda2/gnu.
> For my partition hda2.  Is this hda(0,1) for GRUB and hda0s2 for HURD?
> I have read many documentations, but they seem disjointed to my
> newbieness.
> Thank you for the help and opportunity to participate in free software:)
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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