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Hurd simply reboots

From: kevin bullock
Subject: Hurd simply reboots
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:15:00 -0500
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I refuse to give up on installing GNU/Hurd. I have followed the instruction to the letter. I reboot and am given a choice from GRUB as to what to boot: Ubuntu or GNU/HURD. Upon choosing Hurd, the initial scripts begin and then the machine reboots. Very frustrating, but enjoyable:) I am including my /boot/grub/menu.lst/ file (just the GNU/Hurd portion).

# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for an existing
# hurd installation on /dev/hda2.
title        GNU/Hurd (on /dev/hda2)
root        (hd0,1)
kernel        /boot/gnumach.gz root=device:hd0s2
module        /hurd/ext2fs.static --readonly \
           --multiboot-command-line=${kernel-command-line} \
           --host-priv-port=${host-port} \
           --device-master-port=${device-port} \
           --exec-server-task=${exec-task} -T typed ${root} \
           $(task-create) $(task-resume)
module        /lib/ /hurd/exec $(exec-task=task-create)

When I installed Ubuntu, I left 2 gb free for Hurd. This is on my primary HD the second partition. Maybe I'm not naming my partition correctly in GRUB and Hurd?


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