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Re: Nonsupported LAN

From: kevin bullock
Subject: Re: Nonsupported LAN
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 15:54:08 +0000
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Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas wrote:

If your machine comes with an ethernet card working (of course not
under hurd).  And if you could connect to the Internet on the same
machine but on different OS in a separate partition/disk.  If that
different OS is debian/linux, then there's some documentation you need
to read about apt-offline, under:


As I have debian/linux on the same machine then I used that
apt-offline documentation, and it worked out.  This is not new, you
could have noticed that already under the debian/hurd documentation:

Literally it says:

"If GNU Mach does not recognize your network card or you use a modem,
the only way to upgrade will be to download the packages and then
transfer them to the GNU system. The easiest way to do this is to use
apt off-line. Refer to `/usr/share/doc/apt-doc/offline.text.gz' for
detailed instructions."

If you don have 2 OS's installed in your machine, and then your
machine is totally offline, then if you have access to the internet in
another one you can still use apt-offline to download the packages in
that machine and then mount the media you stored the packages on your
hurd OS and installed them.  There's an apt-offline software to work
not only under debian, but I didn't use it, so you'll have to research
on that one if you don't have a debian/linux machine online available,
and I think there's even a windoze version also.

So the idea of apt-offline is that you can download all packages you
need in the other OS, and then just install them into debian/hurd,
once you mount the media you downloaded the packages on under

I don't know a way to connect hurd machine with any other machine
without ethernet working (not even modem-modem, or laplink through
parallel port, or any other mechanism), so the only option I know for
offline machine is apt-offline...

At any rate, it requires too much patience.  I decided not to use
apt-offline.  I asked the list about how to port drivers for my nic,
but didn't got answer.  So for me it means I better wait until l4-hurd
is up to user level with more drivers available...  But that was my
decition, maybe you can live with apt-offline...


On 8/8/05, kevin bullock <> wrote:
Thank you for the information.
I am not understanding how I set up a remote system.  Via a laplink
cable?  I don't know how to set that up either.

Hope to hear from you,

Thank you for the guidance. I have taken a spare 1.2gb hard drive and dedicated it toGNU/Hurd. I had quite the learning experience just getting this far:) I installed by the GNU/Hurd cd 1 .iso. Presuming that the only way to add programs is by having GNU/Hurd on a separate partition with GNU/Linux, what can I do with my GNU/Hurd box with just the cd1 programs installed?

Enjoying the GNU/Hurd journey,

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