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Static Analysis of Hurd Source Code?

From: Rauf Salimi Khaligh
Subject: Static Analysis of Hurd Source Code?
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 16:45:32 +0200
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Dear Hurd People,

I am currently doing research on static analysis algorithms for parallel
programs, and I am collecting large multi-threaded programs based on
"POSIX-like" threading and synchronization primitives.I will use these
programs as  benchmarks and the results will be published in my Master's
Thesis. I am not much familiar with hurd before getting
involved : is the latest version of Hurd based on pthreads? Has there been
any previous work on static analysis or formal verification of Hurd?

I would appreciate any comments.

Best Regards,

Rauf Salimi Khaligh

Faculty of Computer Science
Institute of Software Technology
University of Stuttgart

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