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What she really wanted was an extra inch ! Help-hurd

From: J . princess
Subject: What she really wanted was an extra inch ! Help-hurd
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 17:17:40 +0000


I have always worried about the size of my peniz.  When I have sex,
even though she says that the intercourse is good, I know that what she really
wants is an extra inch!

3 months ago I found The Sizegentic Device .  I just put it on whilst I'm 
the car and when I'm sleeping.  It stays hidden under my clothes and it 
is really surprisingly comfortable and soft.

I could tell that my penis was getting elongatedz and heavier, but I
thought that when I took it back off I would shrinkz back to original
size.  I was really surprised!

I have been 4.5" long since adolescence
When I took off the Sizegentic Device I was measuring 6.5"
After not wearing The Sizegentic Device for a week, I am still 6" long!

The lengtheninng is permanent!
Check it out -
I could not believe the results of this device.  I am back to wearing 
again and I'm still getting largerz!  My girlfriend says it is the best
product I've ever bought, and she ALWAYS reminds me to put it on if I

Take a peek... Help-hurd We know it works.  There's a total guaranttee with it, 
too.  If
you are not completely satisfied with your length gainz and comfort you 
get your
cash back.  Every penny.  No-one sends them back!

The Sizegentic Device correct the curve of the peniz too, straightening out 
sharp bends
as new cells grow!

Check it out ( in L0ve Life enhancer section) Help-hurd


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