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Trying to boot on AMD64

From: Carlos Piñeiro Cordero
Subject: Trying to boot on AMD64
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 23:39:38 +0100


        I'm totally new to this list, and totally new to Hurd at all (I haven't
been able to boot it yet). In fact, what I would really like would be to
help porting Hurd to the AMD64 architecture. By the moment, I am just
trying to get familiar with this OS. 

        My problem is that it simply doesn't boot. I installed a Debian Hurd
following the steps described on, but it fails. The guide I
followed says that, if it fails to boot, it could be due to shared
IRQ's; my system has such a configuration in fact. Is there anything I
could do about, which does not involve opening my computer and
unplugging all the hardware that creates such situation?

Thanks in advance.

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