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A Question....

Subject: A Question....
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 17:36:26 -0400 (CLT)

Hello. My name is mauricio. I'm from chile. well, i don't speak english
very well yet, but i'm going to try it. i'm beginning to use the GNU/Hurd
kernel because i'd like to learn it. i saw it and i find it very
interesting. well, i'm trying to install this in my machine, but i've had
a some problems and i wait from your help. i have a biostar motherboard
with an AMD K6 II 3D processor 500 MHz, SIS 530 video card, ESSOLO 1 sound
card, 186 Mb RAM DIMM PC100 (with 3 Slots Busy), a 20 Gb Hard Disk,
etc......i've created a primary partition of linux ext2 type, in the next
step, I've installed the base system, and i've configured grub on the
following mode:


and i try to execute the grub boot loader. apparently, it starts to load,
but at almost end, it says me a GRATUITOUS ERROR message. i've read some
documents about this problem seeking a possible solution, and finish
thinking that could be a problem with the IRQ, but i didn't find anything
more. well, thanks a lot, and i'm waiting your response. nice to meet you.


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