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objective of hurd

From: brian muhumuza
Subject: objective of hurd
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 12:11:37 +0300

As a time-time tester of GNUHurd, i'm curious about the objectives of Hurd. I know it's said to be a replacement for Unix/Linux/BSD but I think pitching Hurd against these three will not work out IMHO.
Hurd to me feels like a great system for desktop use. I'm suggesting that Hurd is pitched as "The Greatest Unix-like desktop" coz i believe it has even greater pottential than OSX. This way, Hurd doesn't threaten Unix/Linux/BSD and will attract more users/Dev's. Say, if you want a server go for Linux/BSD; If you want a desktop go for Hurd.

Happy day

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