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Re: Bootstraping the Hurd

From: Michael Gruetzner
Subject: Re: Bootstraping the Hurd
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 15:05:27 +0100

On 26.12.2006, at 16:50, Paul Nema wrote:

Not sure how grub works under a virtual PC.
According to your boot command you are booting from disk partition hd0,0 which would seem correct under a virtual PC. Can you run the equvialnt to:
grub> find /boot/gnumach.gz
and see what grub tells you?

GRUB tells me, that /boot/gnumach.gz resides on (hd0,0) and since there is no error message after typing
"kernel (hd0,0)/boot/gnumach.gz", I guess that GRUB finds the kernel.

You should also check this link for suggestions too:

Thank you for these links, I noticed, that other people use a GRUB floppy image while I use a full featured (multi language) GRUB CD image. Could it be possible that the version of
GRUB I use is missing something and therefore is unable to boot Hurd?

Some other notes:
The First time you run hurd after installing use the '-s' option -> run in single user mode
kernel (hd0,0)/boot/gnumach.gz root=device:hd2s1 -s
So you can run all the intall stuff

I already tried the -s switch, but I think it should not have anything to to with the bootstrapping problem I
currently have.

FYI I'm just getting back into playing with the Hurd so let me know if this works out for you.

Not yet. :(


On 12/25/06, Michael Gruetzner <> wrote: Hi,

I am experiencing some bootstrapping problems with the Hurd, I try to
it inside Virtual PC on a Mac. After preparing a root volume (ext2fs,
I try to boot the kernel with GRUB (I use a GRUB image from http://
These are the grub commands I type:

grub> kernel (hd0,0)/boot/gnumach.gz root=device:hd0s1  (the root
filesystem is /dev/hda1 under linux)
grub> module (hd0,0)/hurd/ext2fs.static --multiboot-command-line=$
{kernel-command-line} \
--host-priv-port=${host-port} \
--device-master-port=${device-port} \
--exec-server-task=${exec-task}  \
-T typed ${root} $(task-create) $(task-resume)

grub> module (hd0,0)/lib/ /hurd/exec $(exec-task=task-create)
grub> boot

After typing "boot" the system hangs and reboots after a while. I am
quite lost at this point. Is there
something I did wrong? How can I debug this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Merry Christmas to all of you :)


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