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Re: HURD install on Serial-ATA

From: Richard Braun
Subject: Re: HURD install on Serial-ATA
Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 19:52:30 +0200
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On Sat, May 05, 2007 at 10:35:52AM -0700, arnuld wrote:
> i have Serial-ATA and wanted to install HURD so you advised this:
> "You can try changing the configuration of your BIOS so that it sets your
> hardware into an IDE compatibility mod"
> Even though i have installed Gentoo myself successfully 5 times but
> still i am i not able to find
> this IDE compatibility mode settings in my BIOS. May you provide an
> idea on where it is ?

First, be more careful when you reply. Your previous message was only
sent to me and not to the list.

Next, I can't help you more with your BIOS. Maybe it simply doesn't
provide any compatibility mode. Maybe the option name is weird.

I don't see any relation with the fact you installed Gentoo 5 times...
Linux supports SATA almost out of the box usually. GNU Mach doesn't.

Richard Braun

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