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MAKEDEV kills everything (including the filesystem)

From: arnuld
Subject: MAKEDEV kills everything (including the filesystem)
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 13:01:28 +0530

i followed the HURD installation guide for cross-installation:

i successfully booted into my fresh HURD installation. then did this:

# export TERM=mach
# ./native-install

and i rebooted as i needed to do "./native-install" 2nd time.  during
2nd boot, i used all those same options i used for GRUB using GRUB
floppy. then once i booted, i did this:

# export TERM=mach
# ./native-install

it gave the same message that i need to boot for 1 more time for 2nd
./native-install but i needed to ignore it. then i created
"/etc/fstab" with / and swap fileystems. i did not have any /home
partition for HURD. simply using 2 GB for / and used the swap from
Arch GNU/Linux.

now when i went into "/dev" and did this:

# ./MAKEDEV hd0s4 hd0s2

it gave me the output   "Killed"

what does that mean ?

and after that i was unable to access anything and my Terminal looked like this:

# ls /etc
# ls /hurd
# ls /boot

What exactly went wrong  ?

---------- /etc/fstab ------------
[root@arch arnuld]# cat /mnt/gnu/etc/fstab
# <filesystem>  <mount point>  <type>  <options>        <dump & pass>
/dev/hd0s4      /               ext2    rw              0 1
/dev/hd0s2      none       swap   sw              0 0

[root@arch arnuld]#


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