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my last experiment with HURD cross-installation

From: arnuld
Subject: my last experiment with HURD cross-installation
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 09:18:02 +0530

ok, after playing with HURD for 2 days, i came to know that
cross-install method is an exercise-in-frustration. it installs,boots
and problems and problems and unresolved problems:

the root cause of  problem is "./native-install" script which fails to
run for the 2nd time. this is what i get at 2nd run of

setting-up libc0.3 (2.3.6.ds1-8)...
ext2fs.static: /build/mbanck/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/ext2fs/durcC:494:
                    dirscanblock: Assertion dp->dn->dirents[idx] == -1 ||
                     Assertion dp->dn->dirents[idx] == nentries' failed.

hey i think.. that "mbankc" stans for the cool guy named "Midhael
Bank" ;-). anyway, i will never cross-install HURD. since i am unable
to download K14 CD-1 what you guys say about "min CD-1" ?


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