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Re: my last experiment with HURD cross-installation

From: Michael Heath
Subject: Re: my last experiment with HURD cross-installation
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 02:55:09 -0600

In reference to Arnuld's dilemma:

I was considering burning copies of the latest CD's and offering them for sale for the price of postage and the blank media. Does anyone feel this would be of benefit?
If you can figure out some way to arrange payment, contact me off list and I'll mail you a copy of the K14 CDs for the cost of postage + $1 USD for the CDs.
Michael Heath

On 7/10/07, arnuld <> wrote:
ok, after playing with HURD for 2 days, i came to know that
cross-install method is an exercise-in-frustration. it installs,boots
and problems and problems and unresolved problems:

the root cause of  problem is "./native-install" script which fails to
run for the 2nd time. this is what i get at 2nd run of

setting-up libc0.3 (2.3.6.ds1-8)...
ext2fs.static: /build/mbanck/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/ext2fs/durcC:494:
                    dirscanblock: Assertion dp->dn->dirents[idx] == -1 ||
                     Assertion dp->dn->dirents[idx] == nentries' failed.

hey i think.. that "mbankc" stans for the cool guy named "Midhael
Bank" ;-). anyway, i will never cross-install HURD. since i am unable
to download K14 CD-1 what you guys say about "min CD-1" ?


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