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Re: which SHELL should i do ?

From: Christopher Browne
Subject: Re: which SHELL should i do ?
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:12:02 GMT
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arnuld <> writes:
> i see form here:
> that the official shell of GNU system is BASH. my future direction is
> into becoming a core-developer of Hurd, though today i am pretty
> newbish to programminig.
> i am much interested in ZSH. i was thinking of learning the ZSH
> commands and scripting as such but since my future ideas are ALL about
> HURD and nothing else (well, except doing a  programming job for
> earning) i wanted to know where time spent will be better. most Hurd
> development will be based on BASH rather than ZSH.
> any advice ?

If all you care about is scripts that you'll be using yourself, then
zsh is a fine choice.

But if you want to write shell scripts that you would consider
contributing to the Hurd project, I think you'll find that Bash is a
preferable choice, as we already know that Bash is included, by

> -- people say RMS is arrogant and when i emailed him about some
> question i had, he politely said "please help us by calling the
> whole system as GNU/Linux, we need this help". only then i knew
> people mean "please from RMS == arrogant", quite funny thing IMO. --

Unfortunately, for him to change subjects like that *does* express
some arrogance.  In effect, he's saying:

  "You were asking some question; I don't care to respond to that; I
   think it's more important to promote my agenda."

Also unfortunately, this approach causes people to "get their backs
up" about this.  They might well be thankful for the FSF
contributions; they didn't get around to expressing it before he
demanded it.  And people don't necessarily like such demands...
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