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about GNU Hurd

From: arnuld
Subject: about GNU Hurd
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 20:21:24 +0530

i have 2 simple questions, i see there are 2 distributions of Hurd:

1.) GNU Hurd (which is what we call the "complete GNU Operating System")
2.) Debian Hurd

Debian Hurd has ISOs available in the form of K14 and it has apt-get
as package management system which is quite good IMHO.

1st question, GNU Hurd has no ISOs. this page links to 2 GNU
snapshots:  but they are quite
old and seem unusable to the person who want to become a Hurd
developer. 2nd, i do not see any discussion for a package management
system for GNU Hurd, is there any ?


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