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reinstalling hurd

From: Andrew Sackville-West
Subject: reinstalling hurd
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 22:17:26 -0700
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Hi list.

I played with GNU/Hurd about a year ago, but had to blow away the
spare partition I was using for it. So I'm ready now to spend a bit of
time playing with it and need to get resetup. 

I have a 2.5G partition I can use, but I don't want to reboot into
GNU/Hurd and would rather use a qemu image. So my problem is many-fold
(manifold? I got a lot o' problems). 

I couldn't get a qemu image with sub-partitions in it to operate
properly and take a grub install and the grub floppy images from
debian are for grub2 which I'm unfamiliar with... so that was an
effort in frustration. The solution there is to take more
time... which I'm willing to do, but not if I can find a lazier way

I could just take take the whole partition and use it directly in qemu (I'm not
afraid to do this as I truly have no need for the partition and it is
never mounted in my GNU/linux install), but then I'd be lacking a swap
space. There are obviously a couple solutions to that problem: 1) just
setup a swapfile somewhere and include it in the qemu command line as
a second disk and set up /etc/fstab in GNU/Hurd to use that second
disk for swap. no biggie really. 2) use a swap file within the
GNU/Hurd install -- can GNU/Hurd use a swap file?? Any insight here is

hmmm.. so reviewing this, i see my problems are pretty small
actually. Still, if you have any input on this issue, please let me
know. I think I'll just do a straight crosshurd install into the
partition and put grub in the boot record of the partition. Then i can
add swap later using either an internal or external swap depending on
what i find. 

thanks for listening


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