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translators compared to a reiser4 object

From: Si St
Subject: translators compared to a reiser4 object
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 19:04:05 +0100

The below quotation is taken from
I faintly understand that it probably has nothing to do or can not be compared 
to the concept of translator in HURD,where a file can be used and changed to a 
mountpoint - and thus on the screen suddenly look like a directory -, but how 
would you briefly, if possible, explain the difference?

"In Reiser4 (but not ReiserFS 3) an object can be both a file and a directory 
at the same time. If you access it as a file, you obtain the named sequence of 
bytes. If you use it as a directory you can obtain files within it, directory 
listings, etc."

Thanks Yours,

Sigbjorn Storset, Norway

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