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Salatov's problems with Mach kernel loading

From: A.Salatov
Subject: Salatov's problems with Mach kernel loading
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 15:11:57 +0300
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Hi, I need some help with Mach kernel.
Recently I got K16 and now I has meet that Mach kernel fail during loading. I try load Mach with these GRUB commands:

kernel  /boot/gnumach.gz

Then I able to see some messages about what kernel already done, and when it find floppy drive it paused for a while and then it quickly display some lines that I can't understand (it's too quick) and then computer had start rebooting. So I guess it mean that I need to compile custom Mach kernel, but first I need to know what is wrong.

Any suggestion?

Best wishes,

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