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[CDROM] cannot vm_map whole disk: (os/kern): no-space available

From: Sergiu Ivanov
Subject: [CDROM] cannot vm_map whole disk: (os/kern): no-space available
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 15:00:48 +0300

 I downloaded the DVDs with Debian GNU/Hurd and installed the Hurd under QEMU. When I try to "mount" the DVD from within the Hurd I get the following
(null):~#settrans -a /mnt/cd1 /hurd/iso9660fs /dev/hd2
/hurd/iso9660fs: cannot vm_map whole disk: (os/kern): no-space available
settrans: /hurd/iso9660fs: Translator died.
I tried storeinfo, it showed me that /dev/hd2 is 3Gb in size, which is the real size of the DVD. Does it mean that my RAM size + SWAP size must be greater than the size of the disk I want to "mount"? This is so according to the information I found in

I launch QEMU with the following:

qemu -no-kqemu -hda hd0.img -cdrom ~/Downloads/debian-K16-hurd-i386-DVD1.iso -fda grub_0.94 -boot a -m 256

(My real RAM is 512Mb)

The virtual disk is divided into a root partition of 2Gb and a swap partition of 1Gb

I will download the CD images now, but I'd like to know, whether there is no way to access a DVD if you don't have enough RAM.

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