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Re: Wireless networking in HURD

From: Máté Gergely
Subject: Re: Wireless networking in HURD
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 02:45:30 +0200


thank you for your answer! That sounds good at first. I have read that the orinoco supports three somewhat different network card designs. Neither of those need firmware?

I ask that because I am _before_ buying wireless hardware. Currently I use Broadcom B43, but for as I know, this has firmware issues.

As I am before buying, I am also interested in possible 802.11g and WPA options. Does anyone has information regarding those?

My developing skills are at a very low level, imho.

Therefore I would be very interested in information sources about the HURD networking. Where should I go to read?

Best wishes,
Gery Mate

2008/7/2 Stefan Siegl <>:
well, that depends mostly on what card/chipset you'll use (and otherwise
on your developing skills) ...

I've once ported Linux's PCMCIA core modules along with the orinoco
driver.  That one doesn't cause much trouble since it doesn't need any
firmware or such alike.


PS: concerning the Orinoco, WEP works, WPA does not.

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