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Re: editor in hurd

From: massimo s.
Subject: Re: editor in hurd
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 01:09:33 +0100
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Dear Sameer

> any one have any idea about the which editor is available in x
> interface........
> i install hurd in my system, can i run any application with this?
> thanks

You seem not to be too much informed about the Hurd. It is netiquette to
try to gather information by yourself on the net before asking to a
technical mailing list -otherwise the mailing list is clogged with
trivial questions whose answer is already available.

In particular, all questions you are asking in this mailing list can be
solved by 1)Googling 2)Actually *installing Hurd* and *making it run*.

You can google to download the Debian GNU/Hurd distribution and find
instructions on how to install it. My personal advice is to install it
on a virtual machine like Qemu or Virtualbox.

You will find, after that, that there is a nice choice of editors and
window managers to choose from.

If after following these instructions you still have troubles with
getting Hurd running, let the mailing list know.


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