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panic during boot

From: Allan McRae
Subject: panic during boot
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 02:10:40 +1000
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I have cross-compiled what I hoped would be a bootable Hurd system but I get a panic during boot (in qemu following grub instructions from

start /hurd/ext2fs.static: panic: thread_invoke: thread 8005fb0 has unexpected state 14

A screenshot can be found here:

This is an i586-pc-gnu system compiled with either of these toolchains:

glibc-2.7, gcc-4.1.2, binutils-2.19.1
glibc-2.10.1, gcc-4.4.2, binutils-2.19.1

and using latest git from gnumach, hurd, mig and libpthread. I can provide more information on the cross compile and patches used for the glibc builds if relevant.

Any suggestions to try before I attempt debugging this? As far as I understand, I should download a working image (from Debian I suppose) then try booting mine up in a subhurd. Am I on the right track?

(As an aside, building for i686-pc-gnu results in nothing visible happening after typing "boot" in grub...)


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