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It may sound stupid...

From: Tanguy LE CARROUR
Subject: It may sound stupid...
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:42:59 +0100

Dear Hurd Community...mmm... Hi guys!

I've been following the Hurd for few years now. 
Unfortunately I haven't (yet) been able to actively participate.
I'm not a good developper, and I don't know much about Micro Kernels.
Still, Hurd is (with Coreboot) my favorite Free Software project and 
I'm really sad not having more time to help!

So recently I made a decision. If I have not time to work on it, maybe I should
pay someone to do it for me?
Maybe not a full time job (I'm not B.G.), but if some people would 
invest couple of hundreds $/€ per year it could make a difference!?

Maybe the idea sounds stupid, but recently I registered to FlattR to "support"
projects that I like and I realized that I'd never paid [1] for all the things that 
the Free Software Community had given me those past 10 years.

I could give this money in cash, using FlattR [2] (you do need a flattR button on your website [3])
or even by buying some stuff on amazon wish list. It doesn't really matter.
We could even pool the money and "buy" one coding week for one of the developper.
The thing is to show you guys that we believe in you and in the project and that 
we are willing to support your effort.

I hope that this e-mail doesn't sound too...[4]...much. 
Thanks again for all the good work you've done so far.


[1] As a member of the FSF since 2007, I've paid quite a lot! :-)
[2] And I will as soon as possible "flattr" the guys form ArchHurd!
[3] Actually, Hurd could use a more "sexy" web site and more visibility. 
    I was quite surprised to read about the Hurd on the Debian web site 
    [], we don't hear a lot about the project :-(
[4] Sorry, bad english! :-) Don't know the proper word to say what I have on my mind! :-)

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