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RE: Debian/Hurd install problem in V.Box

From: Dave O
Subject: RE: Debian/Hurd install problem in V.Box
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 11:44:59 -0400

Hi Samuel / others.

Unfortunately - I dont have all the problems I encountered during the GNU/Hurd install documented (my apologies)... 

However I do recall 2 significant issues which I was able to work around.




The first major issue is getting GNU/Hurd installed under V.Box - this required some specific settings with regards to the disk controller layout. Using V.Box’s default settings will result in the GNU/Hurd install booting up from the ISO image – but it will not be able to find a hard disk to install the Op Sys into.


The required controller setting under V.Box is :

  • IDE Controller
  • NOTE - Both SATA and the SCSI controller did not work (for me) at this time of writing.


With regards to networking connection issues -  I had good results with both network devices PCnet-PCI II and PCNet-FAST III…


Note - I have NOT had any success with any other network device settings such as the INTEL PRO* or Paravirtualized Network (... time of writing).




The second problem I never did resolve. All I saw was a pattern with the installation of GNU/Hurd on two different systems.


The problematic system was a newer Lenovo W510 machine (Ubuntu Host machine running V.Box 3.x), during the installation of GNU/Hurd into the partition - all was progressing perfectly. The system was pulling down installation code from the internet and all was going well. About 30% into the installation - various installation files were not available for installation… Shortly after trying to retry or skip several of these problematic files I gave up on the installation.


However – trying the installation from a much slower / much older Toshiba laptop. I was able to complete the GNU/Hurd installation without errors – and the system completed its installation without any issues.


With that installation complete – I now simply copy the V.Box *.vdi files to nodes where I want to run them.

It seemed as if the Hurd guest simply was disconnected from the network (my home network), but the error was reproducible even while the little old Toshiba happily performed its install (slowly).

On another note:  


With regards to running QEMU images under V.Box, that’s an interesting alternative, I never thought of trying that… However I wanted to witness the installation GNU/Hurd install under V.Box first hand. Its been a while since Ive dont the install - and I wanted to see what has changed.


Anyway – I now understand the process (and required settings) for installing GNU/Hurd under V.Box, and have a pre-configured image I am using. (along with my customized user name).


Anyway - if someone would like me to prepare a GNU/Hurd file for the cause - please let me know.

My next task is to try and get networking work work properly, ssh-server etc.

Thanks, Dave O.
- If you fail to plan ... You plan to fail.

> Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 14:55:31 +0200
> From:
> To:
> CC:
> Subject: Re: Debian/Hurd install problem in V.Box
> Dave O, le Thu 28 Apr 2011 14:46:57 -0400, a écrit :
> > After struggling with getting the GNU/Hurd running under VirtualBox 3.x and
> > 4.x under both Linux and Windows...
> What problems did you meet?
> > Would there be any interest in my documenting the V.Box configuration and
> > Hurd installation procedure?
> Add it to the wiki:
> Please only write the virtualbox-specific things, do not repeat what is
> already explained on
> > Perhaps I could create a compressed V.Box/Hurd image for those who quickly
> > just want to start using GNU/Hurd ?
> Well, the qemu image that we already provide should be runnable fine in vbox.
> Samuel

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