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Jerky Movement of Mouse Cursor In X Org

From: TP Reitzel
Subject: Jerky Movement of Mouse Cursor In X Org
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 15:20:08 -0600
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I'm using a recent version of Debian's GNU/HURD DVD and upgraded to current. My main problem lies with the very jerky movement of the mouse cursor. If I move the mouse UNNATURALLY slow, the cursor doesn't jerk. Outside of X and within the HURD's console, the movement of the cursor is extremely smooth so the problem lies with using this PS/2 mouse in X. I've tried adjusting some of the acceleration factors within X ("AccelerationProfile" in xorg.conf) with some reduction in the jerkiness, but not nearly enough. Apparently, X can't read the mouse's movement accurately if the mouse is moved too rapidly. I'd certainly appreciate any input from readers in order to solve or heavily mitigate the jerkiness. BTW, I'm favorably impressed with the current state of Debian's version of GNU's HURD. I'm looking forward to a formal release of the HURD by Debian this year if possible. TIA

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