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Re: System Program

From: Ibtisam Al Hinai
Subject: Re: System Program
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2021 17:44:02 +0400

Thank you very much! 

Please we are searching also for information about Synchronization, Scheduling, Deadlock and memory management of GNU Hurd. Did you know where we can find a useful infos about that.?

في الجمعة، ٣ ديسمبر ٢٠٢١ ٥:١٦ ص <> كتب:
> Please, we are students from computer science department. We were asked to
> develop a system program as service to and then try to add it to the GNU HURD
> microkernel. Actually we must choose a service that does not exist in Hurd
> os. Can you help us to recognize that please?

Interesting project!

I am extremly inexperienced with GNU Hurd usage, much less development, but
maybe I can give a few tips.

First, your explanation of the assignment is a little unclear. The GNU Hurd is
different from the microkernel---GNU Mach---it's built on top of. If your
assignment is to build a "service", then maybe this means to build a Hurd
translator (

In any case, since it sounds like this is your first time looking at the Hurd,
your best first step is to probably read existing documentation:

Good luck and have fun!

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