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Advisable to install GNU Hurd on real hardware?

From: Saniya Maheshwari
Subject: Advisable to install GNU Hurd on real hardware?
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 00:06:12 +0530


As it says in the subject, is it advisable to install GNU Hurd on real hardware?

So far, I have been trying out GNU Hurd on QEMU/KVM; I read through the GNU Hurd documentation and it seemed to me that this is the most preferred way for trying out GNU Hurd. I also went through the available documentation on installing on real hardware, and I got the impression that this is probably not-so-recommended.

I really would prefer using a real machine over a VM. Therefore, I was wondering if I can get any opinions/insights on this. Is this something that is not advisable and should not be done, or is it that with a bit of care I can pull it off? I have old hardware available, so I can take the risk if anything goes wrong.

Looking forward to any inputs.


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