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Unable to build Java artifacts

From: Guus der Kinderen
Subject: Unable to build Java artifacts
Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 09:19:08 +0200

Hi all,

Following the guidelines in the HACKING document, I have so far been unable to build the Java artifacts of libidn.

I was using a Vagrant-based server to do the compilation. Based on that, I expect that anyone can reproduce my problems easily. I've attached the Vagrantfile. When a box is started, all dependencies as defined in the HACKING document are installed (which can take quite some time, be warned). After that, you'll have to SSH into the new box, do a manual GIT checkout and execute the build.

I've attached the relevant output from the 'make' command as attachment 'output.txt' to this message.

To get rid of the compilation warnings, I tried passing -source 1.4 and -target 1.4 arguments to AM_JAVACFLAGS, but that didn't work. I do have to admit that I'm unaccustomed to working with Maven files (or GCJ, for that matter). There's a very good chance that I missed something obvious. Note that fixing those warnings is somewhat unrelated to the build failure - I was just trying to get my hands dirty on that one.



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