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Re: bug - idn: could not convert from ASCII to UTF-8

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: bug - idn: could not convert from ASCII to UTF-8
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2022 20:19:37 +0100
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Tim Rühsen <> writes:

> On 20.02.22 08:44, Simon Josefsson via Discussion list for GNU
> Internationalized Domain Name library (Libidn) wrote:
>> Bogdan <> writes:
>>> # I have a bug:
>>> $ echo "домен.рф" | idn
>>> idn: could not convert from ASCII to UTF-8
>> Could your platform be lacking nl_langinfo() perhaps?  What system
>> is
>> this, and could you show the output from your libidn ./configure run?
> This happens here on Debian unstable as well, while 'idn2' works as
> expected.
> $ echo "домен.рф" | idn2
> xn--d1acufc.xn--p1ai
> Either the error message from 'idn' is misleading or the way iconv()
> is called / handled is not correct.

Interesting -- I guess we really should add self-tests of the
command-line tool, not just the library.  I'm pretty sure the self-test
passes fine in Debian unstable, no?  But the command-line tool does some
special things wrt locale as well.


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