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Re: Help needed for writing a rule

From: Patrick Begou
Subject: Re: Help needed for writing a rule
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2022 17:12:42 +0100
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Hi Paul

many thanks for your quick answer.
Indeed, I've found a solution. Since my email: as nothing was working for a while, I dive again and again in the documentation and then decide to remove all my complex and not working syntax to try to build a functional Makefile. And I think I have a solution. The small test below is working. The modified Makefile of one of my folders from my large application seams to work too.

Seams that it could be as simple as this Makefile:
      2 .SUFFIXES:
      4 # building only the mod file
      5 %_M.mod:
      6         @echo "building $@ from $<"
      7         touch $@
      9 %_m.o:   %_m.f90
     10         @echo "building $@ module from $<"
     11         touch $@
     13 %.o:     %.f90
     14         @echo "building $@ from $<"
     15         touch $@
     17 all: toto.o
     19 clean:
     20         rm -f *.mod *.o LIB/*
     22 toto.o :  toto.f90 LIB/TITI_M.mod titi_m.o
     23 titi_m.o LIB/TITI_M.mod:        titi_m.f90

Just run:
touch titi_m.f90  toto.f90
mkdir LIB

Of course this works because I am building a ".depends" file with all dependencies dynamically too for my application. In the provided Makefile example, dependencies are added at the end of the makefile. May be this could have side effects I do not see, but seams to work on the computer (RHEL8). I should try on other linux flavor as it must be portable.


Le 25/11/2022 à 16:30, Paul Smith a écrit :
On Fri, 2022-11-25 at 15:26 +0100, Patrick Begou wrote:
How can I write a generic rule for building TOTO_M.mod from
toto_m.f90 source and put it in the LIB folder ?
There is no way to do this using "straightforward" pattern rules.
Pattern rules always rely on the stem (the "%" part) being an identical
string (including case) in the target and prerequisite.  That cannot be

Of course,the following lines will not work as the "%" token will be
in uppercase on the right hand side.

# building only the mod file
LIB/%_M.mod: %_m.f90
          @echo "building $*_M.mod"
          touch $@
The only thing I can think of is to use secondary expansion:


   # building only the mod file
   LIB/%_M.mod: $$(shell echo $$* | tr A-Z a-z)_m.f90
           @echo "building $*_M.mod"
           touch $@

Note the doubled-"$" here.

If this doesn't work then it's not possible to create an implicit rule
in your situation and you'll just have to create explicit rules for all
your targets.  You can use a foreach / eval loop to do it if you don't
want to write it all out by hand.

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