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Re: adding jfs to hurdextras

From: Manuel Menal
Subject: Re: adding jfs to hurdextras
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:50:17 +0200
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Sajith T S wrote:
Manuel Menal wrote:

You've received this mail because you are the author of the jfs translator for GNU/Hurd. As you might know, there is a repository where we put software that was developed for GNU/Hurd but is not included in the Hurd source code : <>. I think PITH should be added to that repository so that other hackers can see and modify the code. Are you OK with this ?

Manuel, we love you! :) And I know you meant jfs and not pith in this email ;)

Yes, sorry, I should've re-read once more. ;-)

Feel free to use the code in any way that would benefit the community. While we are at it, you should also be aware that this translator was done as an academic project, at a time both John and I were very wet behind the ears - it just did not turn into the shape it should have basically because our lack of skills. And we did not have any kind of "bandwidth" after leaving college to continue work on this. Hopefully things should change for the better now.

Nevertheless, it really works well in read-only. I think it might be
made a bit faster, but that's it.

The hurdextras policy is that patches should only be committed with
the author's agreement, if they are still interested in reviewing patches. Are you still interested in reviewing patches for jfs ? We could add you as a project member and notify you when patches against jfs are submitted.

Neither of us have a Hurd running at the moment, so we can't test. And we had not been able to follow the developments in the past couple of years so I am probably not even qualified to review your patch - I must add that it looks quite okay, however. Feel free to add jfs translator to the repository. With appropriate patches, of course :) You can choose to maintain this if you wish to. John is also okay with this, we just talked.

OK. If someone submit patches, I'll take care of them for now.

Thanks a lot for your interest in this. Let us allow a little time to think if we would be able to join you in the project as we have to
 set up machines, find time, learn things, etc.  I would love to.

No problem! Let us know as soon as you want to join again. If you need
access to Hurd boxes, please see or ask me for an

Emails have changed since, please note.

Yeah, don't worry, my MUA remembers emails. ;-)

I'll check in jfs with this patch applied tonight. Thanks a lot!

Manuel Menal

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