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Re: adding jfs to hurdextras

From: Sajith T S
Subject: Re: adding jfs to hurdextras
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 09:02:37 +0530
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Manuel Menal wrote:

Yes, of course I would not remove a valid copyright line. The jfs
translator code was partly taken from the GPL'ed, IBM-copyrighted JFS
implementation for Linux. So I'll leave the (c) IBM. But I think Sajith
and John put the Copyright (c) FSF line without signed papers, so that'd
be merely correcting the line to match reality. Do you think it's OK?

Alfred is right, much of the code was taken from existing translators
as well as IBM code.  The translators we referred of course belonged
to FSF, so obviously we had to keep the copyright notice lines.  Going
through it once again, I am doubtful if I can even correctly recall what
came from where :-/

But of course some of the glue code was written by us - such as the
stuff in jfs.c, jfs.h, the (empty) callbacks, typedefs.h - in general,
anything that shows a glaring lack of intelligence ;)  In our defense,
we were younger and sillier then (silly still we are) and we were in a
hurry to complete the project before submission date.

We have not signed FSF's copyright assignment papers.  If any of this
calls for signing them, I am willing to do so.  I am sure John also
would not mind this arrangement.  Or if we should add our own copyright
lines to, say, keep things simple, that is fine too.


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