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[Info-cvs] RE: Sticky tags vs tags

From: Rudy Zung
Subject: [Info-cvs] RE: Sticky tags vs tags
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 10:30:08 -0400

This distinction is really between plain tags versus branch tags; sticky
tags is just a user action that is "applied" to a plain/branch tag; kind of
like the distinction between Republican politician versus Democrat
politician and a user action that make one a corrupt Republican/Democrat

A tag is a symbolic name that represents a specific version of a file. Your
main.c at version 1.10 can be tagged as release_1; later commits may
increment main.c up to 1.20. However, you may want to see if a bug/feature
was present in release_1 of the main.c file, so you do a "sticky update" to
the release_1 tag; you are then "stickied" to the release_1 tag; which means
that unless you clear/reset the stickiness, your CVS actions will apply only
to the files tagged with release_1. In most cases, sticky updates are
applied to branch tags. Branch tags are a special form of tags that branches
or forks a development line. For instance, your main.c at 1.10 has a serious
bug that needs to be fixed and sent out to clients; however, new
developments from 1.11 onwards are not stable enough to be included in the
patch that needs to be sent out to clients: you have to make the fix to 1.10
or release_1 of main.c. What you do in this case is to branch (let's call
the branch tag patch_1) main.c at 1.10 so that the successor version is both
the existing 1.11 as well as (I think that's the version number
that CVS will create.) Now, you can sticky update to patch_1, and thereafter
your will be stuck onto the patch_1 development line unless you specifically
clear/reset your tag which has become stickied onto patch_1.


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Can someone please email me back at address@hidden and tell me

Sticky tags vs tags in CVS for dummy.

Should I use tags or Sticky tags??

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