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[Info-cvs] wrong time - CVS revision files

From: lashika
Subject: [Info-cvs] wrong time - CVS revision files
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:45:00 -0000
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The server that has CVS has the correct time however, if I commit a 
file and then go look at the file (i.e config,v) it has the wrong
stamp.  I commited a file  this morning @ 9:56 I then went to look at 
the revised file in cvs and it looked something like the following.

date 2000.09.18.14:52.14 authour lmcclu1; 

but as I said earlier it was only 9:56am .  Does any one know where 
CVS could be getting this time? 

Thanks in advance

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